Remote Monitoring

At this type applications we can use the videoconferencing system that had been installed on the remote location, as IP camera and we could monitor the remote site.  Additionally we can control the advanced camera of the videoconferencing system from remote site and check the wide area very easy.  


Video On Demand

At this type applications we can record the meeting during the videoconference. This video record would be stored on the streaming server as digital information. Than the client user which needs to connect to the streaming server, can watch this digital video record whenever they want. The applications which would be stored on the streaming servers could  be lectures, company presentations or orientations.


Voice Over IP

Videoconferencing systems can be used like IP telephone systems. With this type of using of the videoconferencing system the telephone calls or just voice applications over the wide area network (WAN) could be done succesful. Plus you don’t need to use telephone and you can make your conversations handsfree. 


E-Learning (Distance Education)

Videoconference is the last phase at the interchange from asenkron communication to the senkron communication in the E-learning world.  Many schools want to use the videoconferencing technology in their distance education projects as possible as their budget allowed.  They are trying to make the distance education like natural live to live classes with interactive visual communications. 


TeleMedicine (TeleHealthCare)

With the new technologies and increased using of the videoconferencing systems the interactive visual communication  would be a very important factor in the Telemedicine sector. At now the doctor on the remote location can look at the patient on the local site and can watch a operation at the another hospital live and interactive. 


Data Conference (Web Conference)

Today we called this application as “Web Conference” than “Data Conference.  With the internet developments and usage of broadband internet links it could be given very easy any presentation or education to the client or students on the several locations of the world  over the internet at the same time.  For this purpose it would be just enough a laptop or anytype of computer and internet connection.