Videokonferans Aksesuarları

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Document Cameras                           back to the List>>> A document camera lets you share and write on paper documents while remote participants watch. Because you share the information over video, you don’t have to spend time trying to fax documents and you also avoid the expense of sending them by courier before the meeting. A document camera is great for showing other objects as well – a printed circuit board, color or fabric samples, or even a miniature model of your current projects.
Video Casette Recorder (VCR)           back to the List>>> You can connect a VCR to your videoconference system  to record a videoconference or to broadcast a videotape during an event. A VCR that is in the TV will only record local video, it will not record both sides of the conference. If you want to record both sides, you will need an external VCR.
Second Kamera or PTZ Camera       back to the List>>> For classrooms where two-way interactive video is provided, at least two color cameras are permanently needed . One camera (auto focusing, auto tracking) provides a view of the instructor and the front of the room. One or more cameras (auto focusing, auto tracking) provide a view of the audience in the room. All cameras are equipped with a pan-and-tilt feature and have zoom lens. In addition to local control, the cameras can be remotely controlled from an operator area near the multi-media room.
Touch Panel                                       back to the List>>> The touch panel and control systems are used to easily manage the entire audio/visual system as well as the artificial lighting. Imagine putting every aspect of your conference at the touch of a finger.  Control anything from lighting, curtains, videoconference system, projector, audio systems, speakers, plasmas and much more.  The touch panel also serves as a preview monitor for videoconferencing and presentations.
Electronic Whiteboard                     back to the List>>> Electronically capture and share everything that is written or drawn on a real or virtual whiteboard using a portable device that connects to your existing PC or MAC.
Plazma & LCD Displays                   back to the List>>> Plasma and LCD monitors are optimized for superior performance in multimedia applications including conference room presentation, boardroom AV presentation systems, videoconferencing, training and broadcast & video production. With outstanding image quality, broad source compatibility, comprehensive input options and built-in audio the plasma and lcd displays are one of the most effective multimedia presentation tools available.
External Microphones                      back to the List>>> Microphones are permanently mounted throughout the videoconference room for picking up the sounds of the audience. The audience microphones are synchronized with the video cameras, so that with the activation of the microphone, the camera automatically focuses to the point of activation. A wireless microphone is provided for the instructor. Appropriate mixers, amplifiers and other audio equipment are also provided to allow proper and automatic control of the audio sound levels.
External Sound Systems                  back to the List>>> The sound system may consist of a pair of speakers (the size varies depending on the size of the room), amplifier, sound mixer which take the sound input from the broadcast source in the room and produce sound through the speakers.
Projection Devices                           back to the List>>> Videoconference projector is capable of projecting a color video image from multiple sources, including television, VCR, computers (Apple Macintosh, MS-DOS, UNIX platforms) to a screen mounted in the room. The projector is capable of being operated from a location remote from the projector. The projector and screens are permanently mounted in the classroom.
Scan Convertor                                  back to the List>>> Scan Converters take a VGA computer display and convert it to PAL/NTSC (video) format for display on a video monitor. Participants can have collaborative work sessions through document sharing and PC applications.
Networking Devices NT1                  back to the List>>> Using the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interchange ( Basic Rate Interface in ISDN ) service, an NT1 (network terminating unit 1) is a device that accepts a two-wire signal from the phone company and converts it to a four-wire signal that sends and receives to and from devices within the home or business. In the U.K. and some other countries, the NT1 is located at the telephone company’s central office. In the U.S., the NT1 is a separate box at the home or business or it can be integrated into one device. If it is a separate box, up to eight devices, such as telephones and computers, can be attached to it. If the NT1 is built into one device, then only that one device can be served by the line coming in from the phone company. Additional devices would require one or more additional lines.
Videoconference Lighting                back to the List>>> Videoconference Lighting makes a dramatic difference in how you look to people on the other end of conferences. These are special color temperature lights that attach to your ceiling or can be tripod mounted. The correct lighting illuminates your face, providing the camera with a more accurate color rendition of your skin tone. You will appear more 3-dimensional, rather than flat. (Normal fluorescent office lighting can make you appear green in a videoconference
Video Mixer                                       back to the List>>> A video mixer is an electronic device used to combine or “mix”, two or more (PAL or NTSCvideo signals, then output the sum as one new composite video signal.  
Video Splitter                                    back to the List>>> video splitter, sometimes known as a VGA splitter or monitor splitter, allows a user to display their video image over multiple monitors. This is an ideal product for training, exhibitions, demonstrations and classroom situations.  
Encryption Box                                 back to the List>>> In today’s world we rely on electronic communications more and more.  On unsecured lines anyone could be listening – and probably is. Encryption boxes are using Triple-DES (168-bit real key length, 192-bit incl. Protocol) and AES (128, 192 or 256-bit) provides voice calls, videoconferencing, fax, and data transmissions with high levels of security, safety, and confidentiality.
Videoconference Charts                   back to the List>>> Videoconference Furniture will be necessary if you are planning to convert your existing conference room into a videoconference room. It might be time to replace the old table and chairs with new, more videoconference-friendly furniture. Proper videoconference tables are wedge-shaped so that the maximum number of people can be seen on camera. In addition, you will want to place your conferencing equipment on appropriate carts and stands.